Firewood for sale in Cantal (France)

 »Forest is a culture which is waiting«  (Roger Fournier, Arpajon-sur-Cère, Cantal (15), France)

Our sylviculture of firewood is made of 40 Ha of forests for its production. We use the technique of selection cutting in order to produce firewood by preserving the nature. This allows us to keep wildlife along with forest landscape. Our equipment is made of three chain saws, a wood trailer, a wood splitter, two wood leading chains, two wood cutting machines and a delivery truck.

Our firewood is made of hardwood species mainly composed of oak and beeches. This are for wood heating among the best quality of wood available. The packaging, the drying and the storing allows us to provide you dry firewood at the best price. We can have wood cut in the lenght according to your needs: 25cm, 30cm, 40cm or 50cm. Moreover, the firewood can be composed of the species of your choice: oak or beech. We can however sell you softwood lumber such as fir which is adapted for a heating stove mass.

We deliver everyday of the week by lorry within a radius of 25 miles around Arpajon-sur-Cère and Aurillac. We can especially deliver in Montsalvy, Vic-sur-Cère, Laroquebrou, Saint-Cernin and Saint-Mamet in the department of Cantal in Auvergne (France).

Contact us to buy our firewood at the best price in France : 04 71 49 42 51

Phone : 04 71 49 42 51

Price of firewood

You can consult our price of firewood for 2024 online in the table below. Home delivery is included in our retail price.

Price list of firewood for sale from January 1st 2024
Quantity of firewood
Volume in m3
Size in meter Price in euros,
home delivered
Oak, beech Fir
4 0.50 312
0.40 327
0.30 342 248
0.25 359 266
3.5 0.30 307
3 0.50 235 162
0.40 246
0.30 263
0.25 280
2 0.50 162
0.40 176
0.30 192
0.25 206
1 0.50 90
0.40 97
0.30 103
0.25 116
Barbecue wood 12€ for a 40 liter bag
Bays of twigs 12€
Price list of firewood 3,40€/unit